SportDOG Sport Hunter SD-1225 (3/4 Mile)

SportDOG Sport Hunter SD-1225 (3/4 Mile)

Like other products in the SportHunter family, the SD-1225 provides hunters and trainers with correction and communication versatility.

The compact (3.1 oz) waterproof transmitter offers up to 16 stimulus levels, a choice of continuous or momentary stimulation and the ability to control a second or third collar. In addition, it provides you with the option to send tone or vibration signals to the collar receiver.

The light weight (3.0 oz), waterproof collar receiver features a slim-profile and contoured shape that ensures custom fit on your dog's neck.

No matter what style of training you prefer, this system can provide it. Once again, SportDOG Brand delivers on our promise: Gear the Way You'd Design It.

Note: This unit is compatible with SD-1825 and SD-1825CAMO systems
  • Details

    :: Up to 16 levels continuous and momentary stimulation
    :: Ergonomic, slim-profile collar design
    :: Choice of continuous or momentary (nick) correction
    :: Convenient docking station charges system in 2 hours
    :: Vibration and tone options for long-distance communication
    :: DRYTEK Waterproof Design Technology
    :: 3/4 mile range
    :: Expandable to 3 dogs

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