Garmin Alpha 100 Track and Train Collar

Garmin Alpha 100 Track and Train Collar

Combining the benefits of high-sensitivity Garmin GPS tracking with proven Tri‑Tronics electronic dog training technology, Alpha™ has a range of up to 9 mi for both tracking up to 20 dogs and training with tone, pulse, and 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation.
  • Details

    Alpha allows you to track up to 20 dogs or buddies by adding TT™ units or Alpha units to your tracking list.

    Train with 18 levels of stimulation in 2 modes: Traditional or momentary mode or continuous mode.

    Communicate with your hunting buddies (other Alpha units) with preset text messages for safer, more effective hunting.

    Keep your dogs in the hunt and away from hazards (like highways and residences) by setting geofence limits on your Alpha.

    Activate rescue mode to automatically extend battery life by changing transmission cycle time from the dog device to once every 2 minutes.

    Vivid, detailed displays help you place your dogs within a familiar topographic setting.

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