Dogtra Remote Release for Bird Launcher

Dogtra Remote Release for Bird Launcher

Product Description

Designed for the Dogtra PL and QL bird launchers but is compatible with most after-market bird/bumper launcher systems. The RR Deluxe features the most advanced technology to help sharpen your dog’s skills for upland hunting, retriever work, or for competitions.

Package Contents:

RR Deluxe
Transmitter and Antenna
Receiver (includes one receiver/extra receivers sold separately)
Battery Charge and Cables
Owner’s Manual
Battery Charger
Code Setting Guide
Numbering Stickers

Advanced 2 port system so you can run two launchers off one receiver (extension cable required)
Dual sound attention getter features a realistic duck or beep sound
A maximum of 16 launchers can be operated off a single transmitter (extra receivers required)
Water-resistant Transmitter and Receiver.
User friendly coding means you can add extra receivers and match them any time, anywhere
1 mile range
Long lasting rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, chargers included
Multi colored LED light battery life indicator

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