Hunting in Texas

Meet our team:  Scout, Drake, and Sam


These dedicated, loyal, bird-hunting dogs are the inspiration behind Orange Dog Outfitters, LLC  . In the spring of 2011, Scout suffered from IMHA, an autoimmune deficiency that caused his immune system to destroy his own red blood cells. Through the grace of the Lord, blood transfusions, an extreme blood treatment, tears, and prayer, he remained healthy for a full year. He was later diagnosed with lymphoma and sadly left us in April of 2012.  

During Scout's short life, we adopted Drake our oldest English Pointer.  He's been a true hunter from the start and a wonderful companion both in the field and in the home.  


On September 24th, 2012, we welcomed Sam, the newest member of the Orange Dog Bird Hunting Team. He's a loving, sweet, and goofy English Pointer that we are blessed to call family.


During Scout's illness, we became driven to support the hunting community by serving other hunters.   Since 2012 we have offered the industry's finest bird dog training supplies, while traveling with customers around the great states of Texas and Oklahoma in pursuit of deer, hogs, exotics, quail, pheasant, chukar and waterfowl.  We are passionate hunters, and we dedicate ourselves to making your next hunting trip successful and rewarding.   Through our partnerships with dozens of guides, outfitters, and private ranches we can help you book the hunting trip of a lifetime and provide all the recommended supplies for your dogs and hunting partners.

Thanks for your business, and happy hunting!

-  Trey Rigby,  Owner

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